JB74 NSW 2023 Wrapped

JB74 NSW 2023 Wrapped

As us JB74 enthusiasts settle into the new year, we thought we'd do a quick wrap up and run down of what the NSW crew got up to in 2023!


Lithgow Newbie Run


Starting the year (and the first of many events) off with a bang!

The crew was led by Howard (@tofu_the_jimny) through some tough and challenging tracks. This event was organised with the intention to teach "newbies" some 4WD skills. Everyone gave every challenge a red-hot crack and pushed themselves and their beloved JB74s. It's safe to say that everyone left this event with a big smile on their faces.


JB74 NSW Crashes the JB74 QLD Social Weekend Event


JB74 NSW's first interstate event! 

A small number of the JB74 NSW crew sent it south to meet up with our buddies over the border in Queensland. The QLD Crew (@jb74qld) really showed up and ensured everyone (even us foreigners) had an amazing, educational, and maybe a little too intoxicated time!

Springs event


JB74 Newcastle x JB74 NSW Stockton Event


Stockton beach, our one true love <3

The excited Zookers marched from far and wide to their favourite place of all time, zigging and zagging all over the dunes and beachfront. We then ventured off to Murray's Brewery (with the spiciest pizza I, teeshiwaaaa have ever encountered). We then all came together for a meet at Boolaroo Costco before promptly being shooed by the workers; otherwise, we were going to be locked up in Costco jail. That night, some of the crew camped at Mandalong Manor, where we shared many laughs and bonded over our adored Suzuki Jimnys. A super special mention to timny_the_jimny for getting this event up and running!

Click here to see!


Benzin Cafe Meet


Coffee and Zooks—what more could you want?!

A local fave for the NSW Crew, with awesome food and coffee and a carpark to fill full of Zooks! Once the coffee and food settled, we headed off to Fagan Park and lined all the JB74s up for a picnic (sit around and chat JB74). This event was a hit! Many friendships were formed, and more events were planned.



Back to Stockton we go!


It's the girl's turn! (Don't worry, the boys were invited.)

With cars stocked with food and fuel (minus the butane to cook anything), the girls (and boys) were ready to hit the dunes. A day of driving up and down the beach—the usual antics!


National 4x4 Show


A JB74 NSW Excursion.

With full wallets, the crew headed over to Homebush to have a looksy at some flash 4WD gear. I can't guarantee everyone left with full wallets.


Showing the QLD Crew how to feast


Another JB74 NSW and QLD collab.

A small group of the NSW crew headed up south, but not across the border this time, to meet up with our QLD buddies. A weekend of wheeling, drinking, laughter, memories, and, of course, living like kings under their Taj Mahal of gazebos and feasting like it was their last meal. Is it time QLD ventured to us? I think yes.


Time for a camp out at Turon!


What is it that you're cooking?

Venturing up the Blue Mountains into a place I like to argue is in the top 3 camps in NSW! Surrounded by streams of fresh water and bushland, the NSW crew arrived one by one into our self-declared JB74 NSW exclusive campground. There is minimal reception here, so the crew kept themselves entertained with an axe and a tree that would have to be at least 100 years old. Oh, and how can we forget about the feast that was cooked up?!


A Stockton trip we don't talk about...


Cant park there, mate!

All there is to say is: If you know, you know.

Watch here


JB74s take on the drive ins: Heddon Greta


Watching movies from the comfort of your own JB74.

It was the perfect place for @princesszooky to flex her JB74 Muscles. All jokes! She organised a super unique meet; the staff loved it; the other movie watchers probably could not even watch the movie—too busy staring at our matchboxes on wheels.


2023 - The beginning of merch

JB74 NSW really kicked off in 2023! We created some sick merch to make sure we are known, and to grow our JB74 community here in NSW!

View the merch collection here!


A special thankyou to every single person who participated, watched a lead any of the events that we held in 2023. We cannot wait to see what 2024 has in store!

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